Tom Lovell

Tom Lovell Art


He was a close friend of Harry Anderson's and also an exceptional artist -- on this page I will post some of the rarer Tom Lovell paintings I have located that are not anywhere else on the Internet!

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 L WHC49Jan web


L GH41Jun web

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 Tom Lovell also did some work for the Mormons

Harry Anderson did about 20 paintings for the Mormons, but only biblical Bible scenes -- his friend Tom Lovell accepted the commissions for the paintings that dealt with Mormon doctrine....

 L Mormon2

L Mormon1

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The Judgment

For several years I thought that Tom Lovell did this Mormon mural painting of "The Judgment" with the saved on Jesus' right and the lost on Jesus' left, but then I found out that it was actually done by another artist friend of Harry's, John Scott...

L Mormon3

...and he painted Harry Anderson into the painting!

L Harry



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